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Thank you for your continuing interest in LinkedEarth. Our membership has doubled since our last Newsletter and we are excited to share a few updates with you.

We would like to thank all of our partners in the endeavor: NOAA NCEI for paleoclimatology datasets, PAGES, and the Neotoma Paleoecology Database

What's new in LinkedEarth?


We have updated the ontology to include information about instruments and the types of climate information we can reconstruct. You have the power to edit and expand these new updates directly on the wiki. All you have to do is provide a definition for the terms commonly used in your work.

Do you think this page should have an updated definition? You can go and edit it! Not sure where to start? Follow this tutorial.  

Data Standards

We have created several working groups to develop data standards for each archive. Thank you for all the coordinators who have stepped up to organize the discussion and to all who have contributed so far. 

  1. Consider joining a working group. You can do so directly from your profile page on the wiki. 
  2. Make your voice heard!
  3. In the month or so, Nick and Julien will reach out to the various groups to schedule teleconferences. The goal is to start moving to deciding on standards, so that a community-vetted standard can be unveiled at the PAGES OSM in Zaragoza in May.
  • The working groups have started polls on the wiki. Go vote! The cross-archive polls for the standardization of metadata can be found on the main working group page
  • We are also putting these polls up on our Twitter account. You can vote from there too! We'll tally both on the wiki. 


We've made several video tutorials to get you started with LinkedEarth. They are available on our YouTube channel

If you need help and/or would like to suggest a new tutorial, don't hesitate to contact us

What's next for LinkedEarth?

Entering datasets on the wiki

Althought the LinkedEarth wiki is ready to accept datasets, the process can be time consuming and obscure if you're not familiar with the structure. 

We are working on a online questionnaire to make the process as seamless as possible. The questionnaire will be highly interactive and prompt you for more information based on the one you've already provided and on the standards recommended by the various working groups.

The beta version of this questionnaire should be ready in the next few weeks!

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