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Greetings! We're freshly back from Zaragoza with a few updates that need sharing. Let's dive right in.  

PAGES Open Science Meeting Wrapup

Julien and Nick represented LinkedEarth at the PAGES OSM meeting in Zaragoza last month. It was a mad rush pushing all 692 PAGES 2k datasets on the wiki prior to the event, but our wonderful team made it happen. The data collection is growing every day, slowly but surely. You can find Nick's LiPD manifesto here and Julien's ode to geoinformatics here

We are heartened to see that many PAGES working groups are either already using LiPD/LinkedEarth as a key component of their data stewardship plans, or planning on doing so. On that note, we welcome the Floods and Historical documents working groups, and are excited for OC3 to be taking LinkedEarth for a test drive in a few weeks' time (see below). 

EarthCube All Hands Meeting

Yolanda, Nick  and Daniel were at the EarthCube All Hands Meeting in Seattle, WA from June 7th to 9th. You may check out LinkedEarth's spiffy poster here

Contributing datasets to the LinkedEarth wiki

After many months of designing, coding and debugging, the LinkedEarth wiki is finally ready to receive user-contributed datasets. For now, the fastest way to upload a dataset onto the wiki is to use our Excel template in combination with the Python LiPD Utilities to generate a LiPD file that can be uploaded directly on the wiki. 

If you're ready to rumble, please use this online guide to help you fill out the Excel template. You can also check this video for a live demo. 

Coming soon to LinkedEarth

  • An online portal to enter your data: We are working on an online "lipidifier" to streamline data entry. It is already shaping up to be a very ergonomic interface, with a lot of intelligent, interactive features (e.g. pulling in all publication information from the DOI alone) that will make you wonder why you ever tolerated Excel templates. You will surely hear from us again once it is fully functional. 


  • The third phase of the PAGES2k project was kicked off on May 10 in Zaragoza. The project keeps pushing the boundaries of data stewardship, and sparked a discussion on how to manage data compilations in a more continuous manner than ever possible before. A draft plan involving data editors is in the works. If you would like to volunteer as a data editor on LinkedEarth, please let us know!


  • Publishing the LinkedEarth Ontology: Although the LinkedEarth Ontology is already available online for all search engines to see, we are now in the process of writing it in more human-readable form, as a submission to a peer-reviewed journal. 


  • Data standards: The LinkedEarth team thanks everyone who has contributed to the working groups either through the wiki or Twitter polls these past few months. Over the summer, we will consolidate the votes and write a draft on Authorea with the goal of circulating it to the community before official submission. The authorship model will be consortium-based, and your participation is highly welcome. 


  • Deborah will be at the OC3 Workshop in Corvallis, OR from June 27th to 29th, shepherding the OC3 group  through its first LinkedEarth data drive. 


  • USC student Jun Hu will be headed to Dublin for the PAGES SISAL workshop to show what magic can happen when speleothem data are stored in LiPD. 


Don't wait for the future - make it happen.


The LinkedEarth team



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