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Greetings from the LinkedEarth team!

We'd like to share a few updates with you on what we've been up to this fall. Let's dive right in!

Community annoucements

1. Data standards: thank you to all who have already contributed to the discussion on paleoclimate data standards either via the wiki, Skype, phone, Twitter and/or by taking our survey. If you haven't filled it out already, it's not too late: you have until Nov 10th to make your vote count. Please spread the word!

What happens next? Deborah and Julien will compile the results of this survey as well as those from the Twitter and wiki polls and draft a preliminary data standard on Authorea with the goal of circulating it to the community before official submission. The authorship model will be consortium-based, and your participation is highly welcome.

Deborah will present the preliminary standard at AGU on Wednesday morning (Abstract IN32A-03, 10:53am, 231-232). Don't be late! 10:55 will not do.

2. ISWC: Yolanda and Daniel attended the 16th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC 2017) in Vienna last week and gave a presentation on the LinkedEarth platform and its process for collaboratively creating shared vocabularies in the paleosciences. 

3. GeoChronR: Nick, Julien, Chris, and Deborah led the second GeoChronR workshop in Flagstaff last August and preached the use of LiPD as a standard format for paleoclimate datasets to facilitate analysis.

GeoChronR workshops (2016-2017) 

4. LinkedEarth at AGU: This year, the entire team will be at AGU. In addition to Deborah's presentation, USC graduate student Feng Zhu will be giving a poster on Monday afternoon (Abstract# PP13C-1091) featuring some of the spectral analyis capabilities that have been integrated into Pyleoclim, a Python-based library to analyze LiPD-formatted datasets.

In addition, members from the LinkedEarth team (Deborah, Daniel, Julien, and Nick) will be doing 30-minute demonstration of LinkedEarth at the EarthCube booth on Tuesday @3:30pm, Wednesday @1:30pm, and Thursday @2:30pm. Come see us!

5. PAGES2k Partnership: from its inception, LinkedEarth has been motivated by the needs of data-driven, interdisciplinary syntheses like the PAGES2k project. Accordingly, data from the latest PAGES2k synthesis was archived entirely on LinkedEarth. As of last week, LinkedEarth is now an official, and proud, partner of the PAGES2k project


Coming soon to LinkedEarth

  • An online portal to enter your data, (aka the "lipidifier") is in the works and should be ready by Christmas. We aim for the lipidifier to be a very ergonomic interface, with a lot of intelligent, interactive features (such as pulling the publication information from the DOI). 
  • Updates to Pyleoclim: Pyleoclim is a Python package geared towards the analysis and visualization of paleoclimate data. We have released some basic functionalities and are planning to add additional tools in the upcoming month!


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