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Who Can Join?

LinkedEarth membership is open to climate and computer scientists with a commitment to research both inside and outside the United States. Members must be affiliated with a research institution and hold an ORCID ID prior to joining.

Students working toward a M.S or a PhD are eligible to become members but must be sponsored by their academic advisor.

Applications will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the membership committee.

Why Join?

LinkedEarth membership enables access to the LinkedEarth wiki, through which members can edit datasets and metadata properties, and participate in community discussions about data standardization and ontology development.

The LinkedEarth Wiki enables fast access to hundreds of paleoclimate records with easy search properties. These datasets can be further analyzed with tools specifically designed for the format (i.e., age modeling, spectral analysis).

The LinkedEarth Wiki leaves the data in the hands of the data collectors. Once the data is uploaded onto the online platform, they can still be annotated or updated by the original investigator. Similarly, the wiki platform allows third-party discussion about the data, enabling direct discussion with the person most knowledgeable about the dataset. The use of the wiki is very intuitive to anyone who has used, created, or edited Wikipedia entry. A start-up guide is also available here.

The LinkedEarth Wiki enables the development of standard formats in geosciences, allowing better communication among scientists within the same discipline or across research fields.

How to Join ?

Please take a moment to fill our web form to be considered for membership.

Decision on membership eligibility will be reached within three (3) business days.

Membership is revocable in case of inappropriate/unproductive behavior, as decided by the membership committee.