LiPD vs LinkedEarth

AGU brought its own share of (welcome!) community feedback. Among them is the lingering confusion surrounding the difference between LiPD and LinkedEarth and I hope this blog post will clarify it. LiPD (pronounce: lipid) stands for Linked Paleo Data, a self-describing, machine-independent data format created by Nick McKay and Julien Emile-Geay […]

Community Data Standards

A key objective of LinkedEarth is to promote the development of a community standard for paleoclimate data and metadata. (for more details, see this page) The work done on LiPD, which closely mirrors our ontology, provides a stepping stone for this effort. Building on this, the workshop on paleoclimate data […]

Death by proxy

When LinkedEarth debuted last September, we knew that a strange beast called “ontology” would be involved, but it seemed very abstract. Nearly a year into it, we’ve already been through several versions of the  LinkedEarth ontology, and all the paleoclimatologists on the team (Deborah, Nick and I) have had to […]