Module 1: Introduction to Python

In this module, you will learn how to write basic Python code. Make sure that you go through the material provided by Project Pythia before attempting the exercises. Note that the first time you build the Binder, this may take some time. Also do not navigate away from the code block (e.g., by opening another exercise) as this will stop the execution.

1Why Python?

2Getting Started with Python

3Playing with lists

4Playing with dictionaries

6Basic introduction to NumPy

About this course

This is a free, open source course on how to use different Data Science Tools such as Jupyter Notebooks, relevant Python libraries, GitHub, and information about making your science FAIR. It's made possible by a long and fruitful collaboration to NSF and EarthCube. Contributions and comments on how to improve the course are welcome! To file an issue go to:

About me

For nearly a decade, the EarthCube community has been transforming the conduct of geosciences research by developing and maintaining a well-connected and facile environment that improves access, sharing, visualization, and analysis of data and related resources. While sharable tools, methods, and cyberinfrastructure have been critical achievements for EarthCube, we find that our dedicated community is what makes our program successful. LinkedEarth builds upon EarthCube success, specifically targeting the paleogeosciences community.