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    Julien Emile-Geay

    How should we go about refining PaCTS? And what should it take to get it broadly adopted by the community?

    In the paper, Darrel Kaufman defined it tentatively as follows:
    – The procedure for ratification is developed in tandem with major stakeholders (scientific societies, data repositories, chief editors).
    – The proposed procedure is widely distributed to the community (e.g. through the PAGES magazine, AGU and EGU communication channels, social media). The timeline for discussion and voting is clearly indicated, and voting occurs on the LinkedEarth platform.
    – The vote outcome is presented at a major international meeting and any additional discussion is considered before the vote is certified at the meeting.
    – The standard is widely disseminated and encouraged by appropriate incentives

    What comments does this inspire? What do you see as the next steps?

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