LinkedEarth: coming soon to your institution

Did the posts about the origins of LinkedEarth and "what is it, what it is not?" arouse your interest about the project? Are you still struggling to see how  it might help your research or that of your colleagues? Luckily, EarthCube has a proverbial app for that. I can come to your institution to talk to you about this EarthCube integrative activity and how it can help you with your science.

I was recently named an EarthCube Distinguished Lecturer. The goal of the program is to facilitate scientific talks by EarthCube project members,  showcase their project, how it can help you do better science, and how it fits within the larger EarthCube context. Your institution can apply for funds to offset the cost of travel, lodging & meals, so money is no longer an issue.

My talk would cover the following topics:

  • A brief overview of the LinkedEarth project, including the LinkedEarth Wiki
    • How to join LinkedEarth, contribute paleoclimate data, how to search our growing database.
    • The development of a common vocabulary to describe paleoclimate data (the LinkedEarth Ontology)
  • An illustration of how LinkedEarth enables better, easier paleoclimate investigations:
    • Mapping and graphing paleoclimate records
    • Comparing  two or more time-uncertain records using cutting-edge age-modeling tools
    • Inference from time-uncertain records, including calibration and spectral analysis
  • A real-world application using the latest PAGES2k dataset, which has greatly benefitted from the methods of this and connected projects (e.g. GeoChronR)

Just fill this form on the Earthcube website and I'll be on my way!

Deborah Khider (postdoc)


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