Ringing in 2018 with LinkedEarth!

Greetings and happy 2018 from the LinkedEarth team!

Let’s start with a review of our AGU activities. I gave an (invited) talk “LinkedEarth and 21st century paleoclimatology: reducing data friction through standard development.” in a geoinformatics session. You can find the abstract here and you can download the presentation from figshare.

The LinkedEarth team also did 3 demos at the EarthCube booth, featuring a LiPD clinic with Nick and Julien and an ontology/wiki hub with Deborah and Daniel.

In addition, several scientific presentations made use of LinkedEarth products:

After an exciting end of the year 2017, you may be wondering what’s next for LinkedEarth.

  1. The online lipidifier is almost ready! This will facilitate the creation of LiPD files both for your private needs and upload onto databases such as LinkedEarth and NOAA. Yes, there is a difference between LinkedEarth and LiPD and you can learn all about it here.
  2. Paleoclimate Data Standards are coming:
    1.  Julien is at the helm of manuscript heading to Earth Science Informatics detailing the LinkedEarth Ontology and the myriad applications it supports.
    2. In addition, I’m leading the effort on the community paper detailing the first paleoclimate data standards. I spent the last two months going over the responses to the survey. Spoiler alert: a majority of respondents deemed most properties as essential (i.e. “don’t accept the datasets without this critical piece of information”), so be prepared to answer a lot of questions when creating LiPD files! If you’ve participated in the wiki or survey, be on the lookout for a draft of said paper soon.

2018 is shaping up to be an exciting year!

Deborah, on behalf of the LinkedEarth team


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