Data Stewardship

Standard Development

One of the main products from the NSF EarthCube LinkedEarth grant was the creation of data standards for paleoclimate data.

A data standard is actually comprised of three components:

  1. A representation for the data, such as LiPD and its associated ontology.

  2. A standard vocabulary for the data, which has been developed by NOAA (PaST Thesaurus)

  3. Standard guidelines for reporting of the data, which are outlined in the PaCTS standard. The work involved 135 researchers worldwide and was highlighted by the American Geophysical Union (AGU)’s research highlights and at the Fall Meeting 2019.

LiPD playground

The LiPD playground is a web interface that allows to easily create LiPD files. The interface includes both a graph interface a recommender system (PaleoRec) that assists in metadata information. PaleoRec uses deep learning for recommendation. Technical details are summarized in this paper.


The LiPDverse stores datasets in the LiPD format. Most of these files originated in collaboration with PAGES projects and the metadata has been fully vetted by the community.

The LiPDverse allows for simple queries and visualization of LiPD-formatted datasets.