June 20-23, 2023, Marina Del Rey, CA

The geosciences are entering an exciting phase, with open-source research ecosystems opening new avenues of investigation. PaleoHack aims to bring the power of the Python software ecosystem to all paleoclimatologists. PaleoHack builds on the work of the LinkedEarth and PaleoCube projects, funded by the US National Science Foundation EarthCube program. In particular, it makes use of the Linked Paleo Data standard and the Pyleoclim package. This workshop aims to introduce 10-15 early-career researchers to cloud-based paleoclimatology, including:

This hackathon will be supported by NSF grant AGS 2002556 from the P2C2 program and is geared towards researchers with prior Python experience wanting to bring their research to the next level.


This is a “Bring Your Own Project” event: participants are expected to bring a science proposal and have done the preliminary work of assembling data and code resources to make it happen. The facilitators, as well as your hard work and collaborations, will turn these plans into a reality. The workshop will feature a mix of demos, team-building activities, solo and group coding time, to accelerate your research progress towards a particular science goal (ideally, one or more publications). A particular interest of ours is to foster collaboration between paleoclimate modelers and observationalists, using the LiPD ecosystem and the LinkedEarth Research Hub.



Once completed, a schedule will be available here.


The hackathon is free to attend and is supported by the National Science Foundation grant 2002556 (P2C2 program). Participant support is available for US-based applicants.

Initial funding for the development of Pyleoclim was provided by the National Science Foundation grant ICER-1541029 (EarthCube program), with additional support from NSF grant ICER-2126510 (EarthCube). Supplemental funding for Pyleoclim/AutoTS was provided by JP Morgan Chase & Co. Any views or opinions expressed herein are solely those of the authors listed, and may differ from the views and opinions expressed by JP Morgan Chase & Co. or its affiliates. This material is not a product of the Research Department of J.P. Morgan Securities LLC. This material should not be construed as an individual recommendation of any particular client and is not intended as a recommendation of particular securities, financial instruments or strategies for a particular client. This material does not constitute a solicitation or offer in any jurisdiction.